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  • Show me the [Lumen]Cache! (Battery)

    Posted by derek on May 10, 2024 at 6:48 pm

    Everyone knows about the “Lumen” part of LumenCache (lighting).

    But what about the “Cache” part?

    Power grid outages can leave you in the dark, and battery systems and generators large enough to handle 100% of the house load are expensive.

    But there’s a way #builders can deliver sufficient comfort, security, and #storm #resilience in every home for under $1800–installed.

    LumenCache Batttery Energy Storage System (BESS) not only delivers continuous reliable power to lighting, USB charging outlets, and ventilation, it provides an integrated control layer to make the best use of the smaller storage capacity.

    Imagine offering this convenience as a 15 minute upgrade to any ReNetA system.

    1. Mount battery to wall
    2. Plug in battery and CAN communication bus to PowerPlane.
    3. Press On button.

    No complex setup required.

    Adding capacity is also a snap by simply attaching up to 10 batteries, delivering 50kWh of capacity if extended runtime is needed.

    The battery will be part of the UL924 Emergency Lighting certification on ReNetA. We’re ready to order the UL so be sure to tell your investor friends to check out LumenCache this month.

    Batteries are a complex product, and safety is our top priority. While interviewing factory partners, I finally found one that meets all the criteria. Firstly, they work with several top brands you would definitely recognize. Their QC and safety labs are unparalleled. And they have a cooperative team so we can achieve the integration capabilities without compromise.

    Be sure to like, share, and discuss the “total package solution” of the LumenCache roadmap:

    • Construction lights (LC “gateway drug”)
    • ReNetA Lighting and Control
    • Snap in battery/Emergency Lighting/Resilience
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