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  • derek

    March 9, 2024 at 5:57 am

    Scott, this is a great opening question. It warrants a step-by-step reply:

    1. Confirm the project schedule and supply of LibRE as a backup. ReNetA will have first field trials in June and expects production by August with UL in August/September 2024. We can produce small orders of ReNetA (orders up to about 200 homes) using 3D printed covers, but the production volume orders must wait for UL and our tooling to be funded (see Investment Forum). Place orders ASAP. They will be filled in order of receipt and the sooner you order, the less stress on the manufacturing process and the greater the chance of on-time delivery.

    Keep us informed of the trim schedule (when you need lights on). For each purchase, we allocate some LibRE product as a backup in case there are additional delays in the ReNetA release, so you have lights available for inspection should your project need it.

    2. Local Code Inspector pre-approval and awareness. Confirm with the local code inspector your plans to use LVDC lighting and introduce them to ReNetA Class 2 lighting. UL certs may not be completed until September so it’s critical to get pre-approval from the inspector. ReNetA is ALL about safety and DIY maintenance, so be sure to show the inspector the training class on Safety Features and Compliance, as well as the LibRE UL certs.

    3. Send a set of lighting plans and include fixture specs. It’s fine to send us AC fixtures and wiring plans, we’ll map them into ReNetA wiring plans. For $180 per 100 devices, we can design a detailed system drawing and part list. Order here. It ensures your project starts off on the right foot, and should flow smoothly from there as we include a Contractor Coaching Package, video links, and even a quiz to see if they are onboard. If you don’t receive the confirmation of their basic training, stop and get it. There’s nothing more dangerous that an AC expert trying to learn on their own. LumenCache is much simpler and they tend to over think it or apply learned AC practices, when those old rules don’t apply anymore.

    Remember, a complete lighting design shows fixture types, locations, switches, and zoning/grouping. We don’t provide lighting design services but there are excellent lighting designers including David Warfel’s group: Light Can Help You, who are familiar with LumenCache capabilities to take advantage of the benefits it can deliver over traditional AC lighting controls.

    4. Fixture Selection: We recommend our own downlight models when they are available (our factories have high volume MoQ’s so we’re waiting for Investment help here) or selecting from our partners like and AiSPIRE (WAC Lighting). Lotus will attach the SIB at their warehouses in Canada and USA for a plug-and-play experience.

    For Bulb style fixtures, we recommend choosing E26, E12, GU10, and MR16 base fixtures as our partner ATX-LED has these bulbs in stock and they work great with our SV driver.

    For Exhaust Fans, ATX has the SLM 70 and other 48V models.

    For Ceiling Fans, we recommend selecting from one of the many Carro DC ceiling fans. They have an AC to 24V transformer brick in the head unit that we made a DC/DC replacement SIB for. See our part list at

    The compatible Lotus and ATX-LED parts are available to be ordered through LumenCache for convenience and partner pricing.

    There’s hundreds of compatible fixtures on the shelves at electrical stores, but it requires a little technical skill to confirm and test. There’s a planned course on this process so look for new course notifications in this site.

    5. Pre-order asap. We fulfill orders in the order received per batch produced. Plus it helps us as we’re suffering growing pains (a good “problem”) and more time makes everything easier for all parties. It’s perfectly fine to make changes, we don’t build to order and we have fixed pricing. Fixtures may have a restock fee as they may be from a fixture partner. The LumenCache brand fixtures are for high volume builders, so we may have difficulty fulfilling small orders until the DIY site is online and we have MoQ inventory supply.

    6. Help get your contractors up to speed. LumenCache was created for builders! It makes their jobs easier and once turned over to you, delivers many conveniences to you as the user. You can send an Email invitation to Builders and integrators from your account drop-down menu. We’ll follow these and give some perk gifts to the most supportive outreach champions.

    We’re looking forward to seeing your plans!