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  • derek

    April 10, 2024 at 3:57 pm

    1. What is my option for construction lighting?

    We’re making the construction light system that allows you to use the permanent wires as construction wiring. It helps by allowing you to confirm rhw wiring is unharmed before trim, and a host of other benefits. The base module shown can be powered from 12-24VDC, so you can power it from a car battery or those great portable battery “solar generator” systems.

    Note that the lights are 2200K to 5000K CCT adjustable, so you can know for sure what the interior finishes and paint colors will look like when the final lighting is installed.

    2. I use a mix of pendants, antique chandeliers, surface mounted fixtures especially for the kitchen, and above-counter LED strips. Can you supply bulbs for traditional fixtures with A19 sockets?

    Certainly. Simply connect the black and white wires on the back of an AC socket fixture to a SIB, and use an SV socket card in the panel for that wire. Bulbs are E26 base, E12 base, GU10, and MR16. SORAA also has AK111 and MR16 in constant current type, so use a CC socket card driver for those.

    LED strips are like bulbs and also use an SV driver. Up to 50W per cat5 is best.

    3. Can your system control table lamps plugged into switched receptacles?

    Sure can! In fact, you can terminate all your data network wires from wallplates inside the same eclosure as LumenCache. This gives you ultimate flexibility to use the wall jack as a network wire, or connect a table or floor lamp. We have a SIB for that too. Just remember to use the 48V DC bulbs from our partner or direct from our store.

    4. Do I proceed with traditional electrical boxes for all lighting and switch locations?

    Switch locations can use closed boxes or open back mudrings. Just be sure there’s no interference with the switch back plate. Some retrofit boxes have screws in the way. Feel free to post photos if you’re unsure, or request a sample LibRE WK-D switch so you can confirm.