ReNetA system design from your plans and fixture list


LumenCache Engineered Systems Group (ESG) can provide professional system designs from your lighting and fixture plans.



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Every great system starts with a great plan.

LumenCache Engineered Systems Group (ESG) can provide professional system designs from your lighting and fixture plans.

NOTE: ReNetA is a brand new product formed from the deep product experience we have deploying LumenCache LibRE around the world.  The full production release date is anticipated to be September, 2024.  The amount of product available is based on our current investment activities (Feb 2024 $600k SAFE raise: contact Us if you’re interested in full or partial).  We can produce product in small quantities given sufficient lead time–about the same as it takes to build your home.  So order ASAP and don’t wait for inventory to be built.  The sooner you order, the greater the chance you will have product on site when you need it.

We do not offer lighting design.

Here’s the recommended process:

1. Confirm the project schedule. We have a limited inventory of LibRE product for projects needing lights before ReNetA is shipping with UL certs (around September 2024). If your project needs occupancy before that, we can loan you some LibRE to get lights on. The lights and power supply remain the same.  Switches have a backwards compatibility option, or we can send new ReNetA switches.  The PDM panel equipment swap in very quickly.  We have a special wire harness for the AC/DC power supplies with the same connector as the PowerPlane making the upgrade a snap.   The first release candidate (RC) batches or ReNetA come out in April.  If you’ve purchased a home system, we’ll send you a demo kit to experience ahead of the larger production run.

2. Upload lighting plans and fixture preferences. You can start with AC fixtures as a reference.  The more detail the better including product links and complete part numbers.  For bulb-style fixtures like sconces, chandeliers, and pendants, we recommend E27 and E12 base fixtures if possible, as 48V bulbs are readily available in those sizes.

3. Confirm with your local code inspector your plans to use LVDC lighting and introduce them to ReNetA Class 2 lighting. Show them the drawings and feel free to connect us if they have any questions or concerns. If they require UL, use the LibRE if your project is before the ReNetA release.
4. Pre-order asap. We fulfill orders in the order received per batch produced. Plus it helps us as we’re suffering growing pains (a good “problem”) and more time makes everything easier for all parties. It’s perfectly fine to make changes, we don’t build exactly to ordered amount. Fixtures may have a restock fee as they may be from a fixture partner like or AiSPIRE. The LumenCache brand fixtures are for high volume builders, so we may have difficulty fulfilling small orders until the DIY site is online and we have MoQ inventory supply.
We hope this helps get you started. The site will have new classes soon and the first demo kits will head to some YouTube channels in early March, then on to the builders.  If we complete the $600k SAFE raise soon, we can send 200 demo kits out and make an extra 150 home packages. Help us find investment asap and we’ll add some perks to your order.


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