What is a Fault Managed Power System (FMPS)?

We’re often asked “What makes LumenCache unique?” Every great inventor recognizes their innovation is not created from scratch. Great systems are built upon the backs of the many innovations that preceded it. The unique system architecture of LumenCache brings the major supporting technologies together in an optimal configuration, resulting in a Synergy where the true value is realized.

For LumenCache, let’s start with the invention of the Blue LED, reducing the power needed to a tiny fraction of what was required by previous technologies to make White Light.

Next is power electronics and microcontrollers, the enabling technology behind Class 4 Power. See this great article by the industry leader in this topic: Volt Server. Fun fact: The physical size of the socket cards in ReNetA is derived from my predicted interior volume needed to deliver 300W per port using VoltServer’s technology in the card. More on this later, but keep that 300W number in your head.

48V solar battery systems for homes and 48V electronics in EVs fostered a giant supply of electronic components and chips that are 60V safe vs the old 24V limit most chips were made to support. Elon Musk making his wiring harness public was a cry to chip manufacturers to focus more on 48V chips and components.

Sometimes, innovation adoption benefits from environmental and economic influences. While the skyrocketing cost of Copper used to make wires is bad news for most industries, for LumenCache, this was a gift that has been delivering new customer leads daily as electricians and builders struggle to maintain margin and keep costs down.

Fault Managed Power Systems (FMPS–focus on the word “System”) is what powers the ease of adoption of LumenCache. Fault detection and fault management is the key to producing giant impact to the industry. While the user experiences this as “Plug-and-Play”, the technology concepts used to accomplish this, and our ability to deliver at scale, is what makes the first generation 2 platform, ReNetA, so exciting.

So if the world’s power systems are moving toward FMPS technologies, what makes LumenCache unique as a FMPS?

The modules that snap into the Power Distribution Modules, adapt to ANY voltage and protocol standard that goes out over the wires. Each wire is independent of other wires in the system, which means over the lifetime of a building, some can have old tech while some have the latest and greatest. And all co-mingle and cooperate seamlessly. This allows each module to perform the safety measures that best apply to that voltage, power, and communication standard. Essentially, optimized safety per wire.

To find out how we do this, experience it for yourself through the demo kits and videos in the training courses. There’s so many new and innovative startups who can leverage the smart power for everyone that installed LumenCache infrastructure creates. We look forward to supporting all the partner products that arise to take advantage of this open platform based on Fault Managed Power.

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