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Does LumenCache have UL safety certification?

The Proof-of-concept LibRE product passed UL2108 Low Voltage Lighting certification in 2017 by Intertek and we transferred the certificate to SGS for production convenience in 2019. ReNetA will have UL certificates for several categories including UL924 Emergency Lighting. You can participate in the Early Release Program to get early access to ReNetA, but the UL certification will be completed after this early batch and should be in place before the first production batches at the end of the year, Dec 2024.  We may complete UL as early as August 2024,  and have some inventory of LibRE to “loan” if your schedule requires panel product sooner than ReNetA is available. Thanks to the Class 2 Power of the system, most inspectors will approve the system as low voltage regardless of the UL status, but BE SURE to ask them first!  It’s always good practice to show them everything long before installation and inspection so they have time to learn about DC lighting and know what codes to inspect to.

ReNetA UL Certification Schedule:

ReNetA products are expected to complete UL2108 around August 2024.  Funding may delay this or accelerate this activity as we have over 15 products to buy certifications on, so this is one of our largest expense.

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