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ReNetA Introduction
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ReNetA scales from a TinyHome or ADU, all the way up to large commercial offices, schools, hotels, and hospitals.  Co-located groups of PowerPlanes are called an Enclosure Group.  They will automatically find each other within a few feet and ask if you want to combine them in a group.

A 20in enclosure can fit up to 16 ports (A PP-2) and up to a 1000W AC/DC power supply.  A 28in enclosure has room for your other low voltage router and home networking.

A typical single family home can use a 40 in enclosure with 48 ports:

Large commercial lighting fixtures can also use the 40 in enclosure and fit 32 ports with 2000 W of power:

For sites with 48V DC Power available from a solar or battery system, skip the AC/DC power supplies altogether: