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  • 2024-04 ReNetA Pre-Orders are OPEN!

    Posted by derek on March 31, 2024 at 6:39 pm

    We’re opening sales for new projects with the following constraints:

    1. Project can not be a large volume. We will produce about 200-300 PDMs in the first Release Candidate (RC1) batch, so we can’t do a pilot project with 200 homes, but a few homes or offices per client is fine.
    2. Projects must require Trim Phase (parts) ANY TIME AFTER JUNE 2024, and must be purchased asap. We are using the design tool and quote system to keep an accurate count of parts, so that feeds directly into the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and Manufacturing Management tools (it’s REALLY cool how automated the back-of-house tools are progressing–more posts about that later in the year). Point is, get your orders in asap and you don’t need to be 100% accurate because we will always make some extras. The websites will also show available inventory and expected release dates.
    3. The plastic mold tools are not built yet (see investment topic) so all plastic parts will be 3D printed. This means they will not have the same fit and finish as a molded part. We’ll print them with roughly the same material as the finished product will use, so you should get many years of use.
    4. Some parts will have rudimentary interfaces. While the backend control is stable and reliable, the UIs will be…ugly. ReNetA has a robust Automatic Update system that should be completely transparent to the operation of the system, so feel free to test it out and provided feedback when you get notification that an update has occurred. We’ll also have a topic in this forum for release notes.
    5. Some socket cards will have LibRE compatibility switches. This is ONLY available during the first RCx batches. Once we go into full production, we will drop the LibRE compatibility features. We hope to produce enough to cover all the LibRE upgrades that desire to keep their old switches (there’s some cool reasons to upgrade IF you also convert your lights to CCT tunable white lights. If not, you’re cool to stay with the old switches.) I’ll post an article about LibRE Compatibility as we get closer to release.
    6. Some accessories will be released in July 2024. If we get investment done in April, we should be on target for UL certs in August/September.

    That’s the constraint list. So here’s the fun part about doing early projects:

    1. Painless upgrades and support: If we find any product issues that affect safety, we will immediately issue a recall/replace notice and will send new components with a return shipping label for the parts affected. While this is highly unlikely, I’ve listed it first as safety and reliability is our top priority. If, for any reason, you want to upgrade to a production batch product (batches not prefixed with “RCx” or “TBx”), you can request a “non-critical Update” service ticket and we’ll have a small charge for the upgrade. Valid reasons include: “Builder Demonstration Home”, “Dealer Demonstration System”, and “I love this system and I just want it to look perfect whenever I show people”.
    2. FAST Swap-outs: Because of the snap-together nature of ReNetA, swap-outs should take just a few minutes (or seconds). While this is a key maintenance feature, it means you don’t need to worry about hiring an installation technician to change parts.
    3. Bragging rights: We love our supporters. Some are etched in copper. Be part of the industry news and by all means show off your projects on the ReNetA Forum.
    4. Early Access Club: Every project during the RCx and TBx batches will be personally attended to by the Founder, Derek (me), so your feedback will be heard and possibly injected directly into the product development cycle. Sometimes I give freebies or upgrades if I’m interested enough in the project or there’s other research programs that will compare the performance of the system, etc.

    So let’s get your pilot projects underway. Send a set of plans to or better yet, use the Contact Us page.

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