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  • Will this light work with LumenCache ReNetA?

    Posted by derek on March 2, 2024 at 3:01 pm

    This is possibly the most common question, and the answer is usually: Yes.

    Generally, if the LED has an attached AC driver box and the OUTPUT of the driver is below 45V and less than 1.2A (1200mA), then it’s compatible.

    ReNetA has it’s favorite type of LED wiring, but the Socket Cards can adapt to numerous standards, including other LED lighting company fixtures. We may not have made a Socket Card for everyone yet but fortunately, most CCT Tunable White are Common Anode(+) and Warm(-) and Cool(-) Cathode.

    You can purchase the SIB-G Smart Interface Block that connects the Cat5 RJ45 tipped wire to the LED wires. The full part name is: SIB-P-G_J12CSF+(485.1). If you’re wondering what the gobblydeegook is after the Underscore: J=RJ45, 1 and 2 mean it supports both 1 and 2 channel, C = Constant Current, S = Switched Voltage, F = eFuse socket cards and + is because it has a common Anode(+). Inside the parentheses is the communication protocol standard “RS485 version 1”.

    Easy right? That’s why we just use “SIB-P-G” for “SIB, Parallel, Generic”, but you can be assured the system will adopt to loads of future technologies over the life of the home or building and we had to make a naming standard that made sense of all those options.

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  • derek

    March 24, 2024 at 6:11 am

    Basically, ANY LED that has LED Vf (voltage) less than 45V and If (current) less than 1.2A will work fine with the first model of CC driver.

    The example photos are a panel light original AC driver. Until we get volumes up for MoQ, this is all it takes to adapt to the SIBs for any LED in range. These are 34-36V and 600mA, so perfect for the CC driver.

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