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A common thread among factory construction is the challenges of compliance to a plethora of local building codes. Look no further than Boxabl for examples of the scale of this challenge and how they are solving it.

LumenCache is not nearly as big a compliance issue. In fact, many AHJs (local agencies having jurisdictions) ignore all Class 2 wiring.

ReNetA is a Class 2 Power platform, so follow the requirements for Low Voltage systems.

The AC/DC power outlet must be installed per AC electrical code of course, but your electrician will handle that.

The successful proof-of-concept LibRE product has a UL2108, Low Voltage Lighting System certification since 2017. We will purchase several certifications for ReNetA including UL2108 and UL924 Emergency Lighting System, so the software can perform emergency lighting features when a battery is connected.

We’ll post a course about compliance steps, recommending what steps you should take to help educate and work with your local inspectors.

If you need additional assistance, or have a near-term project that may need trim materials before we complete the UL on ReNetA (expected August/September 2024), feel free to email to create a ticket in your account. We’ll monitor these independently as they may be open for months as projects progress.

While unrelated to anything UL or your AHJ cares about, I thought you might appreciate how LumenCache Management informs all product development stakeholders as we go about creating, testing, and deploying our products. This is taken directly from the Engineering Requirement Documents (ERDs) and the R&D Department Employee Manual:

Core Values for all LumenCache designs

1. Safety The product should inherently, by design, keep the user from harm given sometimes unreasonable misapplications and misuse of the product.

2. Simplicity of Use Products must be easily implemented without advanced understanding of electricity or mechanical skills.

3. Robustness/Reliability Products must consistently operate within defined ERD parameters.  The Core Values are at the TOP of all ERD requirements.

4. Modularity Components should be divided into replaceable modules when the envelope that defines the module is easily re-tasked or improves the Core Values.

5. Intelligence Use embedded intelligence whenever possible to maximize the Core Values.

6. Price Cost should be kept to a minimum but not at the expense of the other Values.  Design For [Automated] Manufacturing.

7. Function The component must meet a viable purpose and add value to the user’s life and general happiness.

8. Budget/Schedule Development budgets and schedules are flexible but not unlimited.  Marketing will help define the development budget and milestone schedule.  Development teams should consider their value and success based on meeting the top 7 Core Values while avoiding going over Budget or behind Schedule.  While Budget and Schedule are the least important Core Value as they lend the least long-term value to the product, it must be considered during the development process for LumenCache to succeed as a business. Closing the business causes stress for the customers, so refer to #7 and make products that last at least longer than expected.

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