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Hello! It’s Derek from LumenCache.

If you’ve followed our journey since 2011, you’re familiar with the success of the Proof-of-Concept LibRE product.  It did its job perfectly, and we learned everything needed to transform the industry.

The unique technology helped us solve the adoption chasm too, resulting in a highly effective and razor-focused Go-To-Market strategy.  Combined with the megatrends of Residential Batteries, Rooftop Solar, LED lights, Internet of Things, Smarthome systems, the Copper shortage is only fueling builder interest in the LumenCache solution.  All of this places us in a unique position for rapid growth.

Thanks to the direct support of many of you along the way, this heavy lift was accomplished.  We did our part getting this giant rocket onto the launchpad.  Now it’s time to evangelize what you knew was a winning solution, and help with the next phase of the market transformation.

Announcing the upcoming release of ReNetA, the first “gen2” LumenCache product brand!

After being accepted into the worlds largest hardware accelerator, I moved to Shenzhen to focus 100% on the hardware manufacturing needed to satisfy the demand.  While it extracted a huge personal toll, the learning and relationships were invaluable.  In 2018 we made “L2-” as a band-aid to patch a flaw in the original Legacy PDM design, double the memory of the modules, and most importantly, lower the price by 30% and simultaneously raise the gross margin to a modest 45%.  The “COVID Pause” allowed me to finally design the first “gen2” product, ReNetA.

I’m happy to say, the results exceeded even my own expectations of performance, stability, safety, flexibility, and most importantly, cost.  This allows a very healthy gross margin for business sustainability and growth, while delivering an additional 30% price reduction to the market! Knowing how to leverage the production capacity and costs of the major global brands was a key step to meeting the needs of our target market: Top North American Home Builders.

But there’s one problem: The factories don’t speak English, they don’t speak Mandarin, they speak VOLUME!

We built relationships with the same factories that supply some of the top US brands for high volume light fixtures, and we have a great partner in Lotus LED Lights, who stock over 3000 compatible fixture models ready to attach to ReNetA. We will also use several tactics to avoid running out of core product due to chip shortages, like sending 2 or 3 equal variants of the modules through UL certification, and volume purchasing long-lead IC chip components.

With the prototype tested, it’s time to complete the Design For Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) stage.  This requires more than a tireless and visionary leader. It requires cash for longevity testing, efficiency optimization, and paying for FCC and Safety (UL) certifications described above.

Investment Opportunity (open to all our supporters)

We are ‘testing the waters’ to gauge investor interest in an offering under Regulation Crowdfunding. No money or other consideration is being solicited. If sent, it will not be accepted. No offer to buy securities will be accepted. No part of the purchase price will be received until a Form C is filed and only through Wefunder’s platform. Any indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.  This offer opens up investment to all our supporters, and also provides a predictable return timeframe for the supporters who have been with us the longest. I’m sure many are breathing a collective sigh of relief to finally see this materialize!

If you believe strongly in what we’re doing and would like to see the details of this offer, you can read the full terms at and also see a subset of the big picture business plan.

If you’re interested in the technology of ReNetA, or have projects you would like to pre-order for, please visit and use the Learning link to see how FAST ReNetA is to design and install.

Next Steps

We were given a “gift” we didn’t predict: the shortage and rising cost of copper wire. This sticker shock is causing Builders, and Electricians, to look for alternatives, and they’re finding it in DC Class 2 lighting.  After a little homework, the benefits of the ReNetA platform become evident to them.  Now it’s our turn to deliver.

We plan to have the first demonstration packages sent out in late September so some influencers can do their video reviews and large builders can start their pilot project assessments.  Two trade shows in November.  Projects can plan on first production batches to be available in January if we complete at least the minimum $660k funding in August.

Now is the time to lend your support and spread the word if you feel this is the most exciting opportunity of our time.  And of course, invest if you want to get some financial reward, or simply want bespoke access to the product so your projects are ensured to have supply.

Sincerely and with great thanks,

Derek Cowburn, CEO, LumenCache

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