Growing List of Fixture Partners

“We’re a lighting company that doesn’t want to make light fixtures”.  It sounds funny, but I’ve said this many times when explaining our business model and strategy as it applies to light fixtures.

There are thousands of light fixture styles. Lighting designers, interior designers, architects, builders, and homeowners all have their reasons for selecting a particular fixture design or style.  Add to this, brand loyalty and supplier relationships that span decades of support, and you’ll see why this is not necessarily something that “needs fixing”.

Even the “generic downlight” is a topic of great interest to lighting designers like David Warfel, who wrote a blog on his desire for lighting manufacturers to create “The perfect downlight” — if this mystical unicorn product even exists.

So why don’t we want to make lights?  Simple, the core benefit of LumenCache is not in the light fixtures, but in the system that powers and controls the light fixtures.

By partnering with established fixture companies, and helping them to simply replace the AC/DC driver with our Smart Interface Block (SIB) connector shown below, we can immediately offer hundreds, and even thousands of fixture options.  And the partner fixtures gain the benefits of the LumenCache system over traditional AC wired lights.

One quick example is how we don’t need the color temperature and power selector switches up in the ceiling at the AC drivers, where they are difficult to change the settings after installation.  ReNetA includes convenient dynamically adjustable Tunable White and power settings at the wall panel.  Of course you can adjust this via a smartphone, tablet, or PC, but everything that’s needed for reliable Certificate of Occupancy is accomplished without any APPs or special tools.

The benefits for fixture partners include:

  • Growing market of builders installing LumenCache seeking off-the-shelf compatibility
  • LED longevity gains due to less exposure to damaging AC Mains power spikes and sags
  • Certified partner products are included in the design tool searchable database
  • Drivers automatically configure settings to match fixtures with factory-installed SIBs
  • Greater profit margin opportunity, lower warranty cost burden
  • Most require no modifications to the fixtures
  • Streamlined factory test jigs and automation APIs for Certified Partners

Lotus LED Lighting

The first partner we are announcing has been supporting us since 2020.  Lotus LED Lights has a wide selection of quality fixtures that can be ordered through LumenCache with SIBs attached.  They have over 4000 SKUs to choose from and several warehouses in the USA and Canada, supporting their wide distribution partner network. We collaborated to make the design tool searchable including some filters that help builders identify the right fixtures for their business while giving their designers plenty of options.

With the production release of the ReNetA system in January, Lotus will make ordering even more seamless and fully support the Plug-and-Play features of ReNetA with their lights.

AiSPIRE Lighting

AiSPIRE lighting (A W.A.C. Lighting Company) makes Low Voltage RPS fixtures that can be purchased without AC drivers.  Simply add a ReNetA SIB and connect the wires yourself.  Until they start adding the SIBs at the factory, you’ll need to take an extra step when connecting the SIB to a port by telling ReNetA what fixture you’ve attached. We’re making that simple too with a simple code to tell ReNetA which fixture it is. The socket cards will err on the side of caution until it knows what type of light is attached.

ReNetA Brand Lights

Because ReNetA is made for production home builders, it makes sense for us to leverage our global factory partners to bring builders a few high quality fixtures within the strict budgets and supply chain volumes they require.  LumenCache is happy to announce our High-Volume line of fixtures.  There are just enough models to meet the needs of most production home builders, and they include the most demanded features and attention to detail you can expect from LumenCache.  Not quite David’s “Perfect Downlight”, but stay tuned for more on that topic!  All ReNetA lights feature:

  • SIBs attached at the factory and fully automatic configuration
  • Underwriters Lab Certification for immediate recognition by inspectors seeing the “UL” NRTL brand label
  • Many are Wet and Damp rated as well as Insulation Contact rated
  • High volume manufacturing partner of major brands has high quality record and solid warranty policy
  • Long life LEDs and ESD protection circuits
  • CCT Tunable White with 2700K to 5000K allows perfect color temperature matching
  • Consistent product lifecycle to reduce rapid obsolescence and ease ordering and project consistency and quality

Shapes and Sizes include:

  • 4in & 6in Deep Recessed Downlights
  • 3in & 4in Gimballed Downlights
  • 4in Surface Mount Downlight
  • 4in & 6in Wafer Thin Downlights
  • 4ft Tri-proof Garage and Utility Room lights (ETL certification mark)
  • 13in Tri-proof 
  • E26 A19/A60 Bulbs, White and Filament
  • LED Strips, COB (seamless) style, CCT and RGB
  • Outdoor Floodlight, Dual Beam

There are some really exciting features we will release as we progress that are part of the “Build all homes Smart from the Start” mantra.  

Other bulbs and devices we’ve tested for compatibility and deserve special mention include:

SORAA Lighting

SORAA makes MR16 Constant Current models with their high CRI light color.  The SORAA AR111 Constant Current are also fully tested for compatibility with LumenCache.


ATX-LED has Delta Breeze SLM-70 Exhaust Fans with their 48VDC regulators installed.  They are completing UL certifications and have typically inventory available to keep your projects on schedule.

They also make E26 and E12 LED bulbs that work perfectly with our Switched Voltage (SV) drivers, so order the 48VDC version of their bulbs. ATX-LED is already in the partner program so you can conveniently purchase directly through

The 48V strip LEDs are available for purchase today and carry UL marks.

In summary…

You may wonder why we share so many “competitor” products.  We don’t see DC product manufacturers as competitors, but rather, “future partners”.  This also shows how available and accessible DC lighting is, and how you are not taking a risk wiring your homes with DC.  We are also confident the modular and open architecture of LumenCache makes it the world’s most compatible and cooperative platform, so you can be confident installing it in all new construction projects.

The thing is, we make all of this Plug-and-Play Easy, and FAST.  Subscribe to our newsletter and watch for the SPEED Series blog where we show just how much time is saved throughout ALL phases of design, procurement, installation, and maintenance.

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